Year-end Performance 2013 - Junior Chior

Junior Choir Conductor: Miss Joyce Law
Realms Beyond The Clouds
Fancy about flying with those legless sheep in the sky? This song is definitely for you – travel together with those wispy, puffy white clouds in pursuit of happiness and contentment. Listen to the song Realms Beyond The Clouds by the Junior Choir while they bid farewell to the fluffy white clouds.

回來吧, 可愛的雲朵 周進琪詞 陸在易曲
天上的朵朵白雲隨風飄散,上一刻出現在你的眼前,下一刻就已離你而去。白雲隨風漂泊離開了熟悉的環境,便失去了快樂。輕快活潑的節奏伴隨著重複叫著雲朵回來的歌詞隱藏了對白雲的點點不捨。回來吧!可愛的雲朵 中的聲量轉變就像風一樣把雲朵吹遠。在聆聽這首歌的時候,就讓我們向離去的白雲道別吧!

I Would That My Love Music by Mendelssohn
Composed by Mendelssohn, a prolific composer of the Romantic period, I Would That My Love was originally composed for 2 solo voices with piano accompaniment. The song manifests the unsettled feelings of love with its colourful harmonies and active rhythmic drive on piano accompaniment. Be touched and moved by the deep feelings and love in this romantically charming song of love performed by the Junior Choir.


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